A concrete house inside a cliff

Believe it or not! A house is being built inside a cliff

It will be topped by an infinity pool that doubles as a skylight

LEBANON: A madcap proposal for a concrete house inside a cliff went viral last year – and now it’s set to be built, thanks to the internet.

Dutch practice of OPA Design Studio designed a home wedged in a mountaintop – topped by an infinity pool that doubles as a skylight for the underground lair.

In the wake of the media interest, a client who wanted to make the concept a reality came forward and the project will now be realised at 1,600 meters above sea level on a cliff in Lebanon.

The OPA Design Studio’s co-founder Laertis Antonios Ando Vassilou said that he plans to “break the internet.”

“We wanted to create a sensation in every possible way and through this project to actually showcase our platform this project describes fully our aesthetics and design philosophy,” he added.

Vassilou also recommended other emerging architects do the same by promoting their projects online.

“By chasing the viral idea at least you sharpen your skills and strengthen your portfolio with interesting projects,” he said.

Source: Daily Times

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