EID Interior Design Ideas

Eid is such a significant time of the year; a chance to renew your faith and start with a fresh and invigorated outlook on life. The celebration is as much inwardly as it is outwardly focused and a fundamental part of that is decorating your house for the occasion. Lamudi—the premier property portal shares some ideas to make your space stand out during the blessed month.


Fresh Flowers

Colourful blooms add a colour boost to any living area and add a wonderful fresh scent which will complement the freshness of the new spiritual beginning.



Adding some sparkle brings an instant feeling of celebration and non-traditional coloured holiday decor can be just the way to do it.



Lanterns come in many different colours and designs and can be placed on table tops as a defining centerpiece. Consider placing them on the floor alternatively to add a great shadow effect on the grounds and walls.  Eid designed lanterns are a nice way to create a cozy feeling for the big final day of Ramadan.


Festive Plates

Thinking outside the box with everyday items is what EID is all about. The trend these days is to use unconventional items for decorative purposes and plates lend themselves well to this. If you happen to run out of dishes you can also grab one from the wall.


Floor Cushions

By getting some floor cushions you can create an intimate atmosphere. Styles ranged from exotic Arabesque to chic modern styles. Maybe it’s time to try something different from the traditional table setting style.

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