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Custom Seagrass Rugs in your New Home Dining Room

Custom Seagrass Rugs in your New Home Dining Room When you finally settle into your new home, thoughts of decorating and filling the empty spaces with warmth come to the forefront. As the formal gathering spot for family and guests, your dining room is a focal point of interior design.

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BY KRISTINE DEMARIA Reclaimed wood is a popular design trend today. This versatile building material has quickly gained momentum with some of the top designers and architects, and you’ll see it gracing commercial buildings across the globe. Fittingly, reclaimed wood has a long and storied past. The reclaiming of wood stretches back

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BASF promotes sustainable construction during World Green Building Week

Starting from September 25 2017, the World Green Building Council is celebrating World Green Building Week. BASF also provides solutions that support sustainable building and contribute to climate protection. During the week, BASF will showcase a range of these solutions online under the hashtags #WGBW2017 and #OurHeroIsZero. These include insulation

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