Khas: Right Hardware Brand For You

Khas: Right Hardware Brand For You

Khas, celebrated as Pakistan’s most trusted and extensive hardware brand, has been a transformative force in the hardware industry for over fifty years. Since its inception in 1969, Khas has evolved beyond a mere brand; it symbolizes trust and quality in the Pakistani hardware landscape. With a wide-ranging and innovative array of hardware solutions, Khas has consistently surpassed aesthetic and functional expectations, transforming ordinary spaces into dream homes.

For over half a century, Khas has been a bedrock of innovation and unwavering commitment to quality in Pakistan’s hardware scene. It has significantly shaped the home improvement and construction sectors with its rich history and dedication. This article delves into Khas’s remarkable journey, showcasing their diverse product range and strategic decisions that have solidified their status as Pakistan’s most trusted and largest hardware brand.

Khas, Pakistan’s Most Trusted Hardware Brand:

Khas’s journey since 1969 reflects its reputation as the most trusted builders’ hardware brand in Pakistan’s real estate sector. Catering to builders, dealers, interior designers, and architects nationwide, Khas is synonymous with premium quality hardware. Their vast product range, encompassing elegant door handles and robust security fittings to innovative solutions for kitchens and living spaces, speaks volumes of their versatility and excellence.

Khas’s collection spans a wide array of door hardware, furniture hardware, and accessories for kitchens and bathrooms. They specialize in door locks, drawer systems, and diverse cabinet types. The brand is particularly lauded for its expertise in door hardware, where functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal are seamlessly blended, underscoring Khas’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Khas Product Range 

Khas stands as a beacon of diversity and excellence, offering a staggering selection of over 20,000 products. Each product in this vast selection embodies reliability and innovation, catering to a wide spectrum of customer preferences. Notable brands under Khas include Italtecno, Khas Triumph, Khas Maximum, and Khas Maxell, each renowned for exceptional quality in architectural hardware, reflecting Khas’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Khas: Right Hardware Brand For YouKhas: Right Hardware Brand For YouKhas: Right Hardware Brand For YouKhas: Right Hardware Brand For YouKhas: Right Hardware Brand For YouKhas: Right Hardware Brand For You

Khas Own House Assortments

Khas’s Own House Assortments presents a diverse range of brands, each tailored to meet specific furnishing and architectural needs with an unwavering commitment to quality:

Khas: A comprehensive range encompassing bathroom accessories, ladders, handles, window fittings, and foot washers, Khas embodies quality and versatility. Each product, from minor accessories to significant hardware components, maintains the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Italtecno: Representing the pinnacle of Khas’s offerings, Italtecno offers an array of premium door handle locks, pull handle, high-end safes, smart and digital locks, and luxurious bathroom and kitchen hinges. It symbolizes sophistication and advanced technology in the hardware domain.

Khas Triumph (and Khas Triumph Plus): A high-end brand known for its premium door handle locks, residential entrance main door lock handles, kitchen hinges, and digital locks. Khas Triumph combines top-tier quality with innovative design, offering state-of-the-art hardware solutions.

Khas Maximum (and Khas Maximum Plus): Providing a variety of door handle locks, stoppers, and kitchen hinges, Khas Maximum caters to a broad spectrum of needs with an emphasis on quality and versatile design.

Khas Smart (and Khas Smart Plus): A modern take on door handle locks and hinges, blending with traditional hardware designs.

Khas Maxell: Offers a diverse selection of residential entrance main door lock handles, drawer locks, lever locks, and security safes, reflecting a blend of robust security features and modern aesthetics.

KGI (including KGI Taiwan & KGI Thailand): Offers specialized cabinet locks with expanded options in drawer and cupboard locks, automatic pneumatic door springs, and locksets.

Khas Kilit (and Khas Kilit Plus): Renowned for high-security rim locks, showcasing advanced security.

Krud-Al (including Krud-Al Plus & Krud-Al Exclusive): Offers a range of door handle locks, drawer locks, and hinges, with the Plus and Exclusive ranges specializing in advanced door handle and rosette door handle locks.

Alunikki (and Alunikki Plus): Specializes in drawer locks, night latches, and drawer slides, providing essential hardware solutions.

Khas Classic: Features a selection of drawer locks and cam locks, merging functionality with style.

Khas Supreme Titan (and Khas Supreme Titan Plus): Offers round locks with a blend of quality and functional design.

Khas Eco: Offers essential hardware solutions like glass door locks and pull handles, maintaining Khas’s hallmark of quality.

Khas Extreme (and Khas Extreme Plus): Known for sturdy round locks, offering reliable security solutions.

Khas Generation: Specializes in door handle locks and round locks, combining everyday functionality with Khas’s standard of quality.

Khas Standard: Specializes in door hinges, reflecting the reliable quality Khas is known for.

Khas Trend (and Khas Trend Plus): Provides a variety of drawer locks, door handle locks, and essential hardware, known for their reliability and quality.

Khas Variety: Focuses on door handle locks, delivering Khas’s standard of quality in essential hardware solutions.

Each brand within the Khas Own House Assortments is meticulously crafted, ensuring that customers find the perfect match for their specific architectural and design requirements under the umbrella of Khas’s renowned quality.

Khas Partner Brands

Khas’s long standing partnerships with leading global manufacturers, offers a realm of premium hardware solutions. This range includes top-notch architectural hardware, furniture fittings, and kitchen hardware. Whether renovating, building, or updating your space, Khas’s products enhance both functionality and style.

Partner brands include Blum, Bronces Coba, EKO, Ghidini, Hafele, Mandelli, Nardi, Ryobi, and Yale.

Home Hardware Store: Retail Store Chain for Khas Products

The Home Hardware Store, a distinguished chain of retail outlets, is owned and operated by Khas Trading Company. These stores serve as the primary retail face of Khas, showcasing an extensive array of products that encompass Door hardware, Furniture hardware, Kitchen hardware, Bathroom hardware, Cabinet hardware, and Window hardware. In addition to its distinguished Khas-branded products, the stores also feature a carefully selected range of international brands, offering customers a diverse and comprehensive hardware shopping experience.

Marking its inception in Karachi in 2017, the Home Hardware Store has since expanded its presence across Pakistan. Today, Home Hardware Stores are a familiar sight in several major cities, providing easy access to Khas’s quality products nationwide.

Store Locations:

  1. Karachi Store: Situated at Plot No. 5, Bagh Colony, Khayaban-e-Hafiz, Gizri, the Karachi store serves as the inaugural and flagship outlet of the Home Hardware chain.
  2. Lahore Store: Located at Plaza No. 120-CCA, in the bustling Commercial Market of Block DD, Phase-4, DHA, this store caters to the diverse needs of Lahore’s populace.
  3. Sukkur Store: Positioned at Jinnah Chowk, Yateem Khana, Bunder Road, the Sukkur outlet brings Khas’s quality products to the heart of the city.
  4. Bahawalpur Store: The Bahawalpur store, at Eidgah Rd, Eidgah Chowk, Model Town B, extends Khas’s reach, ensuring availability in this key region.

Each Home Hardware Store location is strategically chosen to ensure that customers can easily access Khas’s wide range of high-quality products, reflecting the company’s commitment to convenience, quality, and customer service.

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