Lamudi Launches New Innovative Real Estate App

Managing your property portfolio just got easier thanks to the latest cutting-edge app from Lamudi Pakistan. Their original app took the stress out of house hunting, but this ingenious release is exclusively for agents and sellers; promising to make day to day tasks a fluid, streamlined and hassle-free process.

In essence, the app will allow a real estate professional to do everything with the click of a button: upload new properties, manage inventory, receive direct messages from clients, and even perform advanced competitor analysis. Seems too good to be true but good things come to those who wait and the engineers at Lamudi have been working around the clock to come up with this groundbreaking property app; an app that has not been seen before in the real estate sector.

Moreover, transparency and trust are the key pillars that the real estate sector is built on. You don’t buy property from somebody you do not trust. And that is exactly what this new agent app seeks to achieve. Agents and sellers can create a unique profile with personal information, photos, and public contact details so new customers can rest assured that they are dealing with a reputable professional. Fraud is a growing concern in the real estate sector: could this sophisticated app be a step to solving that problem?

“One of the key reasons we designed the app was in response to the huge demand for increased trust and security,” said Saad Arshed, managing director of Lamudi Pakistan. “Not only does it make sense for property buyers but it simplifies routine tasks for agents,” Arshed added.

The real estate industry is bursting with new age technological advances. Virtual reality is on the way, and it won’t be long before a Pakistani investor based in Dubai can buy a house in Lahore without ever getting off his sofa.


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