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We are pleased to introduce ourselves with a background spreading over decades in the production of MS & G.I Pipes by M/s. Jamal Pipe Industries (Pvt.) Limited.

Profile Description

We are pleased to introduce ourselves with a background spreading over decades in the production of MS & G.I Pipes by M/s. Jamal Pipe Industries (Pvt.) Limited. By the grace of Allah M/s. Jamal PVC Pipe (Pvt) Ltd sister concern of M/s Jamal Pipe Industries (Pvt.) Ltd is very much engaged in the production of u-PVC and HDPE (PE) Pipes. It is further submitted that our HDPE Pipes are duly manufactured by the requisite raw material HDPE resin which is regularly imports from abroad in order to meet Technical requirement of our valued clients.

Our production is according to the International Standards i.e. ASTM, BSS, DIN, ISO, & PS. It is pertinent to mention here that our products is being used in Water Supply Network, Gas, Air, Chemical distribution systems, Hazardous waste, Mining, Fiber Optical Cable, Agriculture / irrigation, and different departments and organizations of repute.

Our organization is ISO-9001-2008 Certified Company and the certification had been carried out by a reputed Company M/S UKAS International.Our“JAMAL” brand is approved from PakistanStandards & Quality Control Authority(PSQCA). It is further submitted that our “JAMAL” HDPE, is listed and prequalified in various Govt, Semi GovtDepartmentssuch as Public Health Engineering Department Baluchistan, Punjab, KPK, GB, PAEC and MES Rawalpindi.Quality Control is sensitive subject in the line of u-PVC & HDPE Pipes.

Our all pipes inspected and tested according their indent use to insure the optimum level of quality.We have the proper Quality Control System and also well trained and well experienced technical staff having all necessary checking equipment’s to check the required standard. We are accordingly submitting herewith technical brochures / leaflet for your kind perusal please. Your kind co-operation and consideration for enlistment / pre-qualification of our firm as manufacturer / supplier of your required product HDPE (PE) Pipe 20mm to 1200mm and PVC Pipe ½” to 16” with your esteemed organization is solicited please.

HDPE Pipes
Polyethylene has become the most popular material of pipe distribution systems as it offer significant benefits compared to alternative material. HDPE pipes when viewed without magnification, the internal and external surfaces of pipes shall be smooth, clean and free from scoring, cavities and other surface defects. The pipe ends shall be cut cleanly and square to the axis of the pipe.

Safe for drinking water with no toxic or chemical contamination High flexibility. Can be bent as much as 25-40 times of the pipe diameters. Thus reducing unnecessary pipe joint. Light weight with only 0.95 grams/cm2. Weight only 1/5 of steel pipes of the same size. Rust proof and high resistance to damaged chemicals, making the product last up to 50 years. Super smooth internal surface, reducing the chance of pipe cloggage.

HDPE Pipes
Fields of Application
- Acid / Caustic Lines Brine
- Cable Conduits Chilled water piping
- Coal Slurry Cooling water
- Crude Oil De-watering Pipes
- Drain Lines / Industrial Effluents
- Dredging Drilling Mud
- Drip irrigation / sprinkle irrigation
- Fire water Mains
- Fly ash
- Hazardous Waste
- Out Fall Pipelines
- Process Piping
- Sea Water Effluents
- Sewage Treatment
- Sludge Piping
- Slurries
- Storage tank piping
- Underground services
- Utility Piping
- Water Supply and Distribution
- Compressed Air (Buried)

U-PVC stands for Un-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is commonly known as vinyl, it is the second most important consumable thermoplastic in the world and its annual consumption growth is on a steady rise. U-PVC pipes are produced with scientific mixture and advance draft technology with poly vinyl resin and some other chemical raw materials additionally.

Applications of U-PVC
With excellent features, PVC pipes have diversified applications and few of which are:

- Cold water plumbing services
- Drainage Installation (Industrial & Domestic)
- Mining
- Factory Supply Lines
- Chemical Plant Installations
- Electrical Conduits
- Irrigation and agriculture use
- Tube well casing and strainer
- Paper mill installation alum and pulp carrying
- Vent and ducting for power & communication cables

Features of U-PVC
The following features of PVC pipes has made its successful among the other pipes being used and is steadily replacing the other costly and ineffective pipe material:

- Drainage Installation (Industrial & Domestic)
- High strength to weight ratio
- Light weight, Easy to handle and install
- Smooth inner surface with lesser friction
- Easy to bend and cut
- Resistant to various alkalis, acids, other chemical and aggressive soils
- Variety of colors
- Fire Retardant properties
- Corrosion and abrasion resistant
- Insect and mouse proof
- Low thermal conductivity
- Shock Resistant
- Aging Resistant
- Pressure Resistant
- Innocuous
- Economical and Dependable
- Environmental Friendly

Material Characteristics
Following are the most important characteristics of u-PVC:

- Chemically Insert
- Water Resistant
- Corrosion Resistant
- Weather Resistant
- High Strength to weight Ratio
- Tough
- Dent Resistant
- Electrical and Thermal Insulator
- Maintains properties over long period of time

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