Vintage Appeal

Anum Kasim – a versatile furniture designer who has  recently opened her outlet in Karachi.

Furniture in any environment is crucial in giving a space a complete look. If the furniture is not in tune to the surroundings then you can never achieve the desired results. Well aware of this phenomenon, Anum Kasim, has recently opened the doors of her interior design store ‘Vintage Galleria’ that is sure to elevate the standards of furniture designing in Pakistan.

A freelance furniture designer and an interior decorator Anum says, “I had been doing up homes and spaces for people in the family as well as for friends since quite some time before I decided to set up this shop.”

“I had always been passionate about designing my living quarters especially my room. Even when I was young I wanted new items to jive up my room. I always enjoyed changing it around, experimenting with new looks and new material. However it became a full fledged business for me after I got married. When people saw how I had transformed my bedroom, my in-laws, husband and friends urged me to take it up professionally. And I thought, why not!” informs Anum.

Vintage appeal

Regarding the support from her family, she shares, “My in-laws and husband have been extremely supportive of my career and have been by my side all the way. My mother is my biggest support (both financial and emotional) who has invested in me big time.”

And so Anum officially launched her design studio a few days back. The launch event of the furniture shop was managed by Hasan Rizvi and the turnout was quite impressive. Fashionistas, socialites and celebrities were all present at the launch in large numbers.

Vintage appeal

Vintage Galleria has a classic interior design feel with a twist of modern elements. The tasteful interior has been done entirely by Anum herself – the ideas, creativity, choice of colour for the various walls, the placement of furniture and accessories. The beautiful furniture that one saw at the launch event recently is made up of solid rosewood with intricate vintage carvings like none other. With the use of deep dark shaded polish, solid timber and genuine leather finishing as well as hand painted pieces the furniture truly stands out as unique and royal.

Vintage appeal

“I love working with Rosewood (sheesham). I also work with Burma Teak but that’s an expensive choice so I do that on demand only. My designs have a classic bent. I enjoy working with brass in fact I often use brass carving on wood. Add a bit of hand painting, another one of my preferred beautifying techniques, and it lends the furniture a vintage look.” Anum brings attention to detail in all her pieces. Her inspiration of the vintage European era is reflected in the plaster of Paris wall panelling, decorative mouldings, and ceilings. The fine crafted wooden panels and boiserie speak of the same European inspirations.

Vintage appeal

Anum believes accessories play a pivotal role in the completion of a room. While sharing some tips about accessorising our homes, she adds, “It is essential to know that a particular room and the furniture is incomplete without beautiful accessories. It gives life to your room and enhances the look of each furniture piece. Just like wall paint lights and flooring, accessories are the key that gives the finish touch to a room. It explains your style and concept.”

Vintage appeal

By Sumeha Khalid – Source: The News Magazine

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